50 People You Should Know In Sales & BD

September 16, 2018

Early in your career, it’s great to know who the top practitioners of your field are so you understand what greatness looks like and have a sense of who to emulate.

We thought a list like this should exist, so we’ve started it.

As you’ll notice, there are fewer than 50 people on this list. Who have we missed? We would love your suggestions!

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Allison Pickens VP, Customer Success & BizOps @ Gainsight

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Age: 31
Hometown: Rosement, PA
College: Yale
Major: Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Companies: BainCapital, SparkTrades, Gainsight
Sector: B2B SaaS
Stage: Initiation, transition

Why? Allison leads customer success at Gainsight, which provides an industry-leading SaaS product for other SaaS companies’ customer success teams. So she knows her stuff.
More about Allison: Allison’s prolific writing on customer success as Gainsight.