Apr 27, 2022

How to Align a Remote Team

A conversation with Tony Jamous at Oyster

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Allison Pickens
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Alignment can be challenging at a tech company for many reasons, including:

  • Everyone is moving extremely fast, and arguably faster than ever before because our software is continuously improving.

  • Instilling a feeling of ownership by assigning metrics may have the unintended side effect of people acting more territorial.

  • Founders are sometimes managing people for the first time and haven't yet built the skills or confidence to align people.

Generating alignment can be even more challenging when folks aren't interacting in person. But there are many benefits to hiring people remotely, which have been well-documented over the past couple of years. So we need to figure out how to align these remote teams more effectively.

Tony Jamous is the founder and CEO of Oyster, which is an enablement platform for distributed teams. In this conversation we spoke about:

* How to leverage an L&D (Learning & Development) team to align new hires on your company's ways of working

* How to prepare in advance for meetings in order to reduce meeting time

* How to align people on goals rather than superficial inputs (e.g. what constitutes an acceptable "workday")

Tony is a sharp thinker and shares some provocative ideas. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts. Let's dive in!

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