Inclusion: You can't talk about it enough

April 21, 2017

I sent this to my company today. Nowadays, you can never say it enough.


One of the things that I love the most about Gainsight is how respectful we aspire to be toward each other. We're not perfect, but we constantly push ourselves to live up to the Golden Rule every single day. One of the ways in which we aspire to do that is to cultivate an environment where a broad range of people can thrive. Where it doesn't matter...

- what your religion is

- what your nationality is

- what your sexuality is

- what your gender is

- whether you are married or single

- whether you have kids or not

- where you are from

- what your age is

- what your language at birth was

- what your race is

- what your skin color is

- what your hobby is

This type of respect is what allows us to attract the best of the best. Because the best of the best don't all come in the same shape, size, and color. And the best of the best bring out the best in each other when we have an environment that takes a broad range of perspectives, fosters creative tension, and lets the best ideas emerge. 

I'm grateful to be a part of a community that has this aspiration and is committed to pushing ourselves every day, and I'm grateful to our team's efforts in helping us continue to grow in this dimension. 

And conversely, if you ever don't feel we're living up to these values, I want you to feel comfortable voicing it. You've got leaders who care.